Earning Your Stripes as a Painter in Australia

Earning Your Stripes as a Painter in Australia

artistIn Australia, getting a painter’s license depend on which state to register. It could be in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, or Southern Australia. However, there are no specific registration or licensing body for painters in Victoria, the Australian Capital territory, the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

New South Wales

The NSW Department of Fair Trading runs the licensing system. A painter requires a licence if they are entering into contracts with clients, hiring subcontractors, advertising their services as a painter and accepting jobs that costs above $1000 including labour and materials.


The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) issues licenses to qualified painters. A painter must be licensed when accepting painting jobs that exceed the total value of $3,300 inclusive of labour and materials.

Having a painters license allows them to prepare surfaces before application of paint or other substances, apply paint, wallpaper, textured coatings or other substances on surfaces for protection or decoration.

Western Australia

In WA, before a painter can apply for licensing they must take the Painters Registration Course training. After completion of the training, a painter may proceed with their application to become either a registered painting practitioner or a painting contractor. Either of these licences is a requirement for painting jobs greater than $1,000 in value (labour and materials).

Prior to 2011, barker-whittle.com.au explains that the Painters Registration Board is responsible for the issuance of painters licenses. Since 2011, that responsibility falls under the Building Commission of Western Australia Department of Commission.

Southern Australia

The Consumer and Business Services governs the issuance of trade licences in SA. This licensing body provides two types of licenses: Painting, or Painting and Decorating. Note that the latter does not limit painters to these two licences; they may take licences related to others jobs aside from painting, like floor finishing.

Before a painter earns a licence, they must provide a proof of qualification by means of a Certificate III training in Painting and Decorating or a completion of an apprenticeship under a licensed painter.

A licensed painter equals a certain degree of workmanship and quality. In all works on your home or property, getting a painter with a licence will give you peace of mind.

Home Additions & Extensions: 2015 Hottest Trends in Australia

Home Additions & Extensions: 2015 Hottest Trends in Australia

Australians are fond of home improvement projects. Despite being globally renowned for having an insatiable taste for adventure, the Aussies never lost sight of the value of a comfortable and functional abode. In Australia, a house is a lot of things: a source of revenue, a versatile space and a hub for business among others.

Whatever you are planning to give your property a facelift, or simply love discovering what’s hot in the industry, here are the trends in home additions and extensions from grannyflatswa.com in Perth, Melbourne and Brisbane that have emerged (and continues to emerge) this 2015:

Granny Flats

These ancillary dwellings have been around for a long time, but they’ve piqued the interest of many homeowners as a residential investment. Because of the rising demand for single-occupant, long-term accommodation options, this is a great to turn your empty lot into a goldmine.

Thanks to some states that liberalise the use of granny flats, these secondary dwellings are broken free from their stereotypical intended use—which is exclusively for relatives, or elderly relatives for that matter. By hiring granny flat builders, you could rest assured to comply with all the regulations in place.

Multi-Purpose Rooms

The need for a more flexible home lifestyle paved the way for the rise of large multi-purpose rooms. These are typically spacious family rooms that could be used as a bedroom, as well as other imaginable areas. In addition, this type of home improvement project promises to boost your property’s resale value should you decide to put it on the market.

Home Offices

Making your home your business headquarters has never been more popular than this year. The rapid advancement of technology has provided many professionals an escape from the hassles of working a regular 9-5 job. By investing in the essential resources to make a designated space in your house conducive to productivity, you’d cut down your expenses in the long run and have more time with your family.

These three don’t seem to go out of style anytime soon. New trends are always brewing, but they more likely to complement these prevailing, hot home improvement projects rather than to replace them.

The Benefits of Steel as a Construction Material

The Benefits of Steel as a Construction Material

Steel is a significant material in the construction industry. It serves many purposes and comes in different variations. For such a durable material, its use is limitless. It enables designers and architects to complete complicated designs that look beautiful and at the same time ensure everyone’s safety.

Many prefer steel as a construction material. It possesses characteristics that are unmatched by other materials. Its impact in the society is indeed great, as it serves as an important factor to the improvement of life. Today, as society pushes towards a more advanced way of living, the demand for steel becomes greater every year. Many people buy steel plate as a reinforcement to include in varied structures.

Steel as a sustainable construction material

Steel is by far the most sustainable construction material. Unlike wood as well as concrete, people can actually reuse such material without sacrificing much of its strength and other features. They can melt it and remold it to the shape that would best fit their needs. In fact, today, 50% of steel sold in the global market are recycled.

Unbeatable performance

Steel is recognized for being a sturdy material. It holds its own against the different stress caused by human activities. Because of its ability to take huge amount of tension, steel has become a popular choice in creating solid infrastructures that lasts a lifetime. A proof of its strength is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is one of the most iconic structures man has ever built and construction started over 80 years ago. For a structure to withstand those many years of grueling stress both natural and manmade tells a lot about its ability to perform at the highest level.

Cost efficient

While the initial cost of acquiring such structure may be high, maintenance makes up for it. As the previous paragraph displayed, steel is by far one of the most heavy-duty construction materials. Having

said this, people need not keep on rebuilding or eliminate any major repairs that wood and concrete materials entail.

The Possibilities of a Display Home are Endless

new homePeople are mentally lazy. They are willing to work out for three hours a day, but trying to figure out something for an hour gives them the headache. That is a common problem among Townsville builders. They often meet buyers that do not know what they want. They rely on the builder to give them suggestions.

This can make it very hard to build new homes in Townsville that the owner likes. In most cases, they blame the builder if the house is not what they want! There is a solution for both these problems.

Display Homes Show Them What it Can Look Like

A dream house is a generic term, and it means different things to different people. Display homes can show you what different styles and methods will look like in reality. Display homes are like demo units; you can try it out before making a decision. It is important for real estate builders that when they have their display homes built, highly skilled workers should do it.

Display Homes Make it Easier to Make Changes

People can change better than they can create. Few can describe the home they have in their heads in concrete terms. Unless the builder is a mind reader, that usually means miscues and miscommunications.

When they find a display home they like, they can more easily decide on what changes they want done for their own home. The builder has a solid foundation to work with.

Display Homes Show Them What the Builder Can Do

Because display homes are actual, working samples, they are testament to the skills of the builder as well as the designer. A display home will usually seal the deal. If a homeowner is undecided about choosing the builder to commit to, the display home can help them make a decision.

In some cases, homebuyers actually buy the display home because it is more convenient; and in most of these, it actually comes out cheaper in the end.

Put an End to Bad Breath: Control Oral Bacterial Growth

proper oral careHalitosis or bad breath is mostly due to the proliferation of bacteria in the oral cavity. These microorganisms are in the mouth and they help in the digestion of food.

However, food particles left in the mouth because of poor oral hygiene lead to bacteria overgrowth. They multiply and produce sulfuric compounds that emit a foul smell.

Basic cures for halitosis

It is possible to put an end to bad breath—by interrupting the production of chemicals that lead to it. With oxygenating compounds, the oral environment becomes unfit for the survival of bacteria.

This is why toothpastes and mouthwashes with sodium chlorite and chlorine dioxide can remove the bad odour. In an oxygen-rich environment, the population of bacteria that produce foul-smelling substances cannot thrive.

However, oral hygiene is not only about brushing your teeth after every meal. Flossing and cleaning the tongue are necessary as well. The use of mouthwash also helps deal with persistent bad breath.

Scraping the tongue helps, but it is a temporary solution at best. In choosing oral care products, find those with active ingredients such as aloe vera, xylitol, zinc gluconate and tea tree oil.

Long term prevention of bad breath

In many cases, halitosis cure is effective at first, but after a time the foul smell may return. You may have also heard that in some individuals there seems to be no cure that works, no matter how many products they try.

Perthbreathclinic.com.au says there are revolutionary halitosis cures that work even as other remedies fail. Certain habits worsen bad breath, which may prevent natural remedies from working. Bad breath management must focus on controlling the population of bacteria so that there are no agents that produce sulfuric compounds.

As long as the microorganisms keep multiplying, there is no end to the problem.

Fresh breath solutions can control the proliferation of bacteria, but regular oral care is still necessary. If you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of having bad breath, lessen alcohol consumption, avoid food with strong flavours and eat a balanced meal.

Things to Know before Buying Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Things to Know before Buying Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is already a necessity. Having an efficient AC unit is one way to make your home more comfortable. Today, manufacturers have come a long way to upgrade and add more features for better user experience.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best type for your home. One of the most popular choices is the ducted reverse-cycle AC. Before you buy one, think about certain factors that will affect your decision.

Is it worth it?

This type of air conditioner is more expensive than the regular ones. It may cost around $1000 to $5000 depending on the brand and size of the unit. The cost is because of its versatility and durability.

It features a two-way cooling or heating mode and lets you set your desired room temperature with ease. While it may be expensive, you can get your money’s worth if you look for energy saving units.

What size should you buy?

The first thing you need to check is the size and capacity of the unit. Keep in mind that bigger is not always better. The most obvious reason is they consume more energy. On the other hand, smaller units may not be enough to cool your home properly.

To solve this, get the exact measurements of the room. You can also divide the area into sections of squares and triangles to get accurate measurements. These numbers will help your suppliers find the right size for your home.

Where to buy?

The easiest way to look for AC units is to go online. Check the specs and compare prices from different suppliers. However, before you seal the deal, read customer feedback so you can be sure of the quality of the unit and the integrity of the supplier.

What about the maintenance?

Everyone knows air conditioner requires proper maintenance to keep it in good condition. Just like any other types, you need to clean the filter regularly and check the refrigerant. For any problem you don’t know how to solve, Wollongong’s Conductairconditioning.com.au suggests reverse cycle AC repair services rather than tinkering with the appliance yourself. This is to avoid worsening the problem.

Buying a reverse-cycle AC unit is a big decision—make it a wise investment by knowing the right size for your home. You may also join online forums or consult a professional for more tips and suggestions.

Simple Tips to Get the Ultimate Health Insurance Policy

Simple Tips to Get the Ultimate Health Insurance Policy

A good insurance cover can save your life and bank account. Thinking of possible instances in which you might need medical cover makes health insurance important, but also confusing. Moreover, insurance companies offer different prices to cover certain situations and cases.

There is a struggle to understand the stringent terms and conditions they hide to give them an edge over the market they have little or no control over. Here are some invaluable tips that will help you get the very best out of your health insurance purchase.

Leverage any available bonuses or waivers

Government or company sponsored health insurance plans tend to cut you some slack. Your employer or government will chip in and foot a portion of the bill; you get a better cover without paying hefty premiums. You should only forfeit such an offer if it has a messy history full of negligence and fraud.

Hunt for any loopholes in the TAC

By going through the terms and conditions, you not only prepare yourself for hidden surprises, but also get a chance to compare different policies. Find loopholes such as lucrative terms of a given Hong Kong health insurance policy that do not exist in others on the market. While these are not necessarily problematic, ask for more information about them to be certain.

Buy with the worst-case scenario in mind

Getting an affordable cover if you have a chronic condition or an eye problem is troublesome. Does this mean that you should ignore these conditions to lower the bill? Experts don’t think so. Hong Kong health insurance providers like PacificPrime.hk offer optional coverage benefits on top of individual healthcare insurances to prepare for the unexpected.

Being honest and getting a cover that will take care of prevalent health problems is better than making rash trade-offs in favour of the premiums.

Buying insurance could easily pass as one of the most complicated things you might have to do. Understanding your needs and the terms and conditions, however, should make the process simpler and more bearable.

The Way of Street Wear: Style and Function

The Way of Street Wear: Style and Function

Everybody is riding the hype of street culture and everything else that comes with it—music, art and fashion trends, most of which is deeply rooted in urban subcultures.

Street wear in the UK is greatly influenced by music and the subcultures it creates, and a large part of it is the underground hip-hop scene, which has a massive following.

Thanks to artists and the people involved in the subculture, the growth and evolution of the culture has never ceased. It has been evolving and it has started to branch out to other aspects, and creating a strong connection between their different parts.

Street fashion is the bridge connecting sport and style. Because of the creative minds that move within the community of street culture, they easily understand the needs of their market—function and aesthetics.

How come?

Function and Style

Street wear has to be ready for anything. Keeping the clothes simple and functional gives them versatility and more use without having to look the part; this gives you the chance to be more creative with your choice of clothes.

With more people getting involved in the fashion side of street wear, the chances of looking better are higher, with more options like ONLY NY Clothing and other brands that have a stylish edge to their apparel.

Mix and Match

The secret is in putting together the different pieces that work best for you. By creating a balance, you are able to compromise and arrive at a conclusion that meets both comfort and fashion.

Pairing your favourite pair of denims perfect for boarding or Parkour, with a shirt or a tank or even a sweater that provides you with adequate comfort will give you that balance between play and design.

The key is making it your own, customising each look, and owning it. This allows you to become original and authentic—qualities that are important for those in the industry.

Keeping it real should not be done without style. With the emergence and evolution of street wear, you will have no shortage of options for styling your daily look.