Dental Hygienists: the Rewards of Pursuing a Career in the Dental Field

dental hygiene suppliesDental hygienists serve as the right hand of dentists around the world today. In fact, the job has become a quite lucrative one, with hygienists getting paid quite well. After all, they assist the dentist and make a significant contribution to the practice. Plus, the hygienists do so many other jobs for the dentist too, including but not limited to the following:

-Taking of x-rays and various other diagnostics
-Taking charge of basic cleaning and preparing a patient for other procedures
-In most cases, hygienists are also responsible for tracking dental hygiene supplies used by a practice

With these key roles played by the dental hygienist at the dentist’s office, it only means that the demand for dental hygienists is very high in the dental industry today.

Advantages of Working as a Hygienist

Those interested in pursuing a similar career path should know that there are many different challenges and rewards that come with the job. For example, hygienists are given the privilege of having such a flexible work schedule.

In most cases, hygienists can work part-time; this allows them to work with different practices. These professionals can also work full time and exclusively at just one dentist’s office. Whatever the case, this allows for a better work-life balance, which is not something afforded to most medical professionals.

Another rewarding thing about becoming a hygienist is the personal satisfaction that comes with the job. It might seem like simple work, but hygienists are right up there with dentists and provide services that are valuable and truly make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. Career and personal fulfilment in one job is hard to come by, and that is possible for hygienists.

These are just some of the many rewards that come being a hygienist. Think about these facts carefully if it is a career path that you would like to pursue seriously.

Google Now and Mobile Search: 3 Strategies You Should be Employing

Google NowGoogle has recently drummed up the hype and attention for Google Now. Introduced in 2012, Google Now is essentially part personal digital assistant, part mobile mind reader.

The app is seen as a competitor to Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. While many people are not quite familiar with Google Now, one thing is for sure: Google is serious about it.

The app is the tech giant’s steady move towards a platform that is more personalized for mobile users, especially those who frequently use location-based search and natural language queries. As such, this is a great platform worth exploring for your marketing needs.

Here are a few things you might want to keep in mind regarding SEO and Google Now to get started:

  1. Long-tail Keywords Rule

More conversational key words and phrases are easier to rank for, and are far more lucrative compared to ranking for 1 or 2-word phrases. Research even suggests about 78% of local-mobile searches lead to actual offline purchases.

This is huge for SEO professionals and online marketers. It shows that targeting user intent is important when optimizing content. When developing a mobile app, content, or website, for example, remember that users are often ‘on the go’, and that they’re more likely conducting specific searches (e.g. “where is the nearest restaurant?” instead of “restaurants in Columbus, Ohio”).

  1. Optimizing for Mobile

Mobile traffic accounts for about 30% of the world’s internet activity, which undoubtedly shows mobile is a force to be reckoned with in the coming years. The important thing to note is that optimizing for mobile is not just for local or brick-and-mortar businesses. This means if you want to be found, whether through a PC or mobile search, you need to have strong online presence.

Benson Media, a leading web design and IT services company in Ohio, shares this view; that establishing a strong online presence is more necessary than ever. This can be done through web apps, mobile apps, and custom business websites.

  1. Google+ and other Google Products are Now Essential

The information shown on Google Now cards are largely pulled from the tech giant’s products and content database, such as Google+, Google+ Local, and Google Maps. This means being active on Google’s different platforms is a must if you want to show up in mobile searches and results via Google Now.

The figures and reports are just further proof for marketers and business owners to get serious about Google Now. Optimizing for mobile is always a great marketing strategy, whether it’s for Google Now or not.


4 Fabulous Hacks to Improve Your Pre-Fab Unit

Pre-Fab Unit InteriorModular living spaces are not just a rising trend in Western Australia—they are becoming an essential property investment for many families. After all, extra space can always serve as a home extension, a home office, or a granny flat. Plus, with recent legislative changes, homeowners can earn from it by leasing the unit to interested individuals.

To maximise all the benefits of a prefabricated living space, you should pay more attention to the interior and exterior details. Many high-quality transportable homes in Perth come with ready-made amenities. You can improve a unit’s aesthetic and functional value further by trying the following:

Experiment with Shades

Your modular unit may seem small at first, but you can always make it look bigger and more spacious by painting the interiors with light colours. Lighter shades “erase” shadow lines to make any space feel open and free. Experiment with different shades of a light colour for a dramatic effect.

Put Lounge Chairs on the Deck

Outdoor spaces are now just as important as the rooms found inside a home. Anything you can do inside can also be done outside. Make sure you have comfortable furniture items like lounge chairs on your deck to enjoy the outdoor space. Install light fixtures for added impact.

Use the Overhead Storage Space More Often

One of the things that make modular units astonishing is their ample storage space. Many pre-fab homes today come with numerous storage solutions. You can find a good place to keep your valuables anywhere in your unit. For good measure, though, utilise the overhead storage space more often. Put light valuables like fabrics and small items there for more space in the cabinets and drawers.

Create Fewer Boundaries

Boundaries between sections of your unit can make it feel less spacious. Try to minimise dividers or partitions. You can use movable drawers or the sofa as separators between areas instead.

Modular units are here to stay. If you are planning to have one soon, you can make the most of your unit by listing down these reminders early on.


The Deal with Links: Should You Remove or Disavow?

GoogleGoogle Penguin has been around for over two years now, but marketers still find it tricky to fully understand this algorithm. With a new update about to roll out any day, the challenge is about to get tougher. But before you dwell in what drastic change the upcoming Penguin 3.0 might bring, let’s discuss one problem: unnatural links.

The premise of Penguin is simple: all poor quality links will get flagged. But this “basic” premise has given SEO agencies a major headache, and it will continue to do so as the search landscape evolves. A Penguin hit can massively reduce your rankings, especially when you have a lot of unnatural links. When that happens, what do you do?

Marketers have resorted to two options: disavow the links or remove them. While both are plausible options, which one should you do first? Google’s John Mueller once said that disavowing and removing links are “essentially the same.” This is true because both methods ask Google to stop crawling and factoring in those unnatural links in computing your rank.

Nevertheless, there is a stark difference in the effect of both. Disavowing a link simply instructs the search giant’s crawlers to stop indexing a particular piece of content. The removal process, however, helps clean the issue better, especially in cases of manual penalties.

This is because the disavow process is a purely algorithmic one, which means it will not have as much merit if the case were a manual penalty. Now, if someone from Google’s webspam team did issue a manual penalty, you will have to send an email and deal with all the unnatural links using more than just the disavow tool.

So, which link cleanup method should you use? As much as possible, remove all unnatural links associated with a site. But if that is not possible, it is perfectly fine to rely on Google’s disavow tool. Whichever option you choose, the important thing is that you get rid of all unnatural links in your portfolio.


Disaster-Preparedness in Data Centers

computer unitsDid you know that 2013’s series of natural disasters displaced 22 million people around the world? This is what a study from the International Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) has found out. If you will compare the numbers, that equates to three times more than the number of people displaced by wars and other conflicts.

The truth is you never know when a natural disaster will get the best of you, especially when you manage a data center. Nevertheless, it is sensible to prepare for the possibility of one ravaging through your servers and drives. Based on information from Data Center Journal, data centers can ensure disaster preparedness through these:

Test All Equipment

Take advantage of the forecasts in your area about upcoming storms, hurricanes, or what have you. Before these weather phenomena hit, test all the equipment you have on the data center, especially those that would be vital to manage the load of your facility. This means having the service provider inspect your generator, calling the fuel vendor, and doing test runs.

Stock Up on Resources

You have to pay attention to the people inside the facility, too. Make sure that the area has enough manpower to keep the data center up during the storm. It would be wise to call in additional technical support staff and engineers to ensure infrastructure availability and supervise operations. Ensure the availability of food and water on the site, too.

Draft a Plan

Always have two plans for your data center: communication and emergency action. A good communication plan is essential in disseminating critical information when mitigating risks in your facility. An emergency action plan, on the other hand, gives your staff direction as to what they have to do should a certain situation arise during the storm.

With these measures in place, data centers can surely withstand storms and hurricanes. Secure your workforce, your data, and your facility through these strategies.

Creating a Wonderful and Unique Garden Design

Creating a Wonderful and Unique Garden Design

Changing times requires modifying more than just the interior spaces of your home. Most homeowners overlook the simple fact that their front yard or garden is the very first part of their home visible to the world outside, and have a tendency to leave it as it is.

If you have a spacious yard or garden, it might be time to rethink the use of this space. A kept yard can be exactly what you need to relax with your family on a sunny day, or an ideal place to work out or meditate. A landscaper can help you design and execute a unique garden for your house. Creating a garden may be a tough job, so expert help may be necessary.

The following is a quick look at what an expert landscaper in Perth, WA can help you achieve:

Covering All Bases

Landscape architecture actually touches up on multiple aspects of gardening and yard design. The goal, however, is this: to create the right balance between the structure and the natural surroundings. They aim to create a sense of harmony that brings that house and the yard together. Not only will this contribute to exterior aesthetics, a beautiful yard also has homeowners feeling more comfortable and at home.

Unique and Exceptional Designs

Landscapers will take one look at the façade of your home and use it as a baseline for the design scheme they implement in your yard or garden. This is a trait that only the most qualified landscapers they have. They know precisely which plants will look best in a specific place or which ones will contribute to your desired look. Moreover, they can also introduce non-plant elements and features that will up the beauty of the garden.

Think about what proper landscaping can do for you. Remember that curb appeal contributes to boosted property value, so it is something you should give serious thought.

Trucking Business Sense: How to Get Your Own Truck on the Cheap

Trucking Business Sense: How to Get Your Own Truck on the Cheap

If you are in the trucking trade, or if you do business with the use of heavy vehicles, you know that these machines are quite pricey. Keeping your trucks on the road also costs a good sum for a small business, even for those that have just one vehicle.

Hiring is one of your options, but if you have extensive operations, it may not be cost effective. Do the numbers to see if you need to have your own trucks already. This is especially true if you’re transitioning from a small trucking business to something bigger.

During your transition, though, you may not have enough capital to spend on a brand new rig just yet. It’s a risky move to put all your money in a truck at once. Your overall operations might suffer if you lose that much money.

You have one more option: buy a truck second hand. You can find one even more affordable if you join an auction.

There are many such heavy vehicles available at auctions, which are held periodically in Brisbane and other cities. You can buy a vehicle of your choice here or you can pick up a salvaged vehicle to use the good parts from it. Either way this might be a cheaper option for your needs. A word of caution, though—make sure you know how to look at trucks, or have someone with you who does.

Benefits of Buying Vehicles in an Auction

Auctioned vehicles are used; either they’re sold to the auctioneer (usually good), impounded (as in government auctions, and usually good), or salvaged (need repairs and new parts but a lot cheaper). A reputable auction house or online auctioneer posts the condition of the vehicle so you know where it’s from and whatever repairs or improvements it may need.

For all of these reasons, these vehicles are a lot more affordable than brand new cars, or even used cars available at the local lot. Your trucking business will benefit from your “new” truck immediately and you’ll also recover the cost in a shorter time.

The best news is you can find vehicle auctions online, like More research time and less effort or commuting costs. Find out if you can visit the auctioned vehicles prior to the online bidding, if you want additional peace of mind.

Some auctioneers give the winning bidder a short warranty, just enough to make sure you get to use the truck without a problem. This is also available information whenever you join an auction.

Protecting Your Property from Pest Infestation: Liquid Termiticide vs the Sentricon System

pesticideIn Kansas City, liquid termiticide and the Sentricon system are the two most common pest control measures for residential and commercial properties. There is an on-going debate in the pest control industry, as well as among customers, regarding which of these two methods is more effective against pest infestation.

As experts at Edge Pest Control put it, careful assessment and proven methodologies can bring the best results for pest management. Before you jump the gun and start exterminating that pest problem, determine which method is best for your situation.

Here is an overview of how the liquid termiticide and the Sentricon system work against infestations:

Liquid Termiticide

Liquid termiticide creates an invisible wall between the foundation of the property and the ground. The process behind this approach has not changed much since people started using it back in the 1950s. In this method, pest control professionals will dig around the foundation of the house and drill holes into the floor of the foundation. They will pour hundreds of gallons of the liquid termiticide into the soil. While effective in keeping pests at bay, this method disrupts the landscape around the property. Some chemicals may also cause harm to the environment.

Sentricon System

Pest control companies in Kansas City often recommend the Sentricon System for controlling and exterminating termite colonies. This innovative baiting system acts like a continuous defense system against termite infestation. After the successful removal of existing termite colonies, the system protects the property against possible future infestations.

The process involves putting baits in several areas around the house. The bait has an active ingredient that stops the molting process of termites, which prevents them from breeding and multiplying. Once the termites consume and share the bait, each of them will slowly die from the active ingredient.

Which is better for your pest management?

A number of pest control companies prefer the Sentricon system due to its effectiveness at destroying the entire termite colony rather than just providing a protective barrier around the property. The Sentricon system also effectively eliminates termites hidden deep within your property’s foundation by using their own nature to consume against them.