Checklist for Assets Sale

Checklist for Assets Sale

The assets sale of a business requires a considerable amount of documentation, even if you are not transferring real estate. As such, you may need the assistance of a local asset protection lawyer regarding the matter.

The documents and other relevant items your Utah asset protection lawyer may require for the sale of your business include:


1. Broker or Finder Agreement
In general, prepared and signed pre-closing, along with the letter of intent and asset purchase agreement.
2. Letter of Intent
In general, prepared and signed pre-closing, along with the broker agreement and asset purchase agreement.
3. Asset Purchase Agreement
In general, prepared and signed pre-closing, along with the broker agreement and letter of intent.
4. Exhibits to Asset Purchase Agreement
The parties normally prepare these contracts with the asset purchase agreement, and sign and deliver them, along with the other documents at the closing of the sale.
5. List of Assumed Contracts
6. List of Liabilities Assumed
7. Promissory Note
8. Security Agreement
9. Escrow Agreement
10. Disclosure of Claims, Liens, and Security Interests
11. List of Trademarks, Trade Names, Assumed Names, and Internet Domain Names
12. Disclosure of Licenses and Permits
13. List of Existing Warranty Claims
14. Obligations to Brokers
15. Required Waivers and Consents
16. List of Employees and Consultants of Seller
17. The buyer will need to reach agreements or contracts with the employees under this list.
18. Employment or Consulting Agreements
19. Noncompetition Agreements
20. Certified Check or Wire Transfer of Amount Due at Closing of Sale
21. Check to Broker
22. Security Agreement
23. U. C. C.1 Financing Statement
24. Escrow Agreement
25. Certificate of Officer of Seller (Incorporation and Authority)
26. This also includes a certified copy of the authorizing corporate resolutions.
27. Certificate of Officer of Buyer (Incorporation and Authority)
28. This also includes a certified copy of the authorizing corporate resolutions.
29. Assignment of Contracts and Leases
30. These also include consents where they are required.
31. Bill of Sale
32. Vehicle Title Certificates
33. Keys to Premises and Vehicles

Any asset sale requires meticulous paperwork, so you must be ready along with your attorney. Have these documents prepared beforehand to ensure a smooth process.

Reno Wreck: 3 Problems That Could Wreak Havoc to Your Bathroom Remodel

Reno Wreck: 3 Problems That Could Wreak Havoc to Your Bathroom Remodel

bathroomContemporary trends that focus on equal parts style and functionality are on the rise, and bathroom renovations continue to grow in popularity among Australian homeowners. The task, however, involves some of the most dangerous systems in the house. Plumbing tasks could potentially turn a bathroom revamp into a renovation disaster in an instant if the task is not handled properly. This is the reason homeowners should leave bathroom renovations to professionals.

If you’re thinking about giving your bathroom a facelift, think twice about doing it yourself. You may find yourself stuck in these renovation dilemmas:

Plumbing Problems

A DIY bathroom renovation may not be a wise decision if your home has a defective plumbing system. It may be dangerous to install new fixtures or cause you costly repairs in the future.

If your contractor didn’t properly install the plumbing system, you may hear knocking sounds behind the walls when you turn on the shower. Improperly secured pipes clatter when water passes through them. This is what causes the strange sounds. Leaky faucets are another sign of a poor plumbing system. Leak inspection and repairs should be part of your renovation plan.

Dealing with these plumbing problems is difficult, especially if you don’t know what’s causing them. Consult plumbers if your system is in good, working condition before you tear down those walls. Always ask if it’s safe to install new fixtures before proceeding.

Drainage Rage

You may have a luxurious bathroom, but if you got poor drainage, you can only expect a wet bathroom floor all day, every day. If half an inch of water remains in the shower pan minutes after turning off the water, you may have a drainage problem. Improper sealing is the usual culprit behind this.

Fix drainage problems before you consider which designs or modern fixtures to add to the bathroom. In most cases, poor drainage also means blocked pipes.

Mouldy Mishap

Mould grows quickly because of the ever-present moisture in bathrooms. Inhaling spores while renovating a mould-filled bathroom will put you at risk for a range of respiratory problems. You may experience coughs, wheezes and sometimes, suffer asthma complications.

Getting help from plumbers and other experts will help you avoid this. These professionals can help you find and remove mould. They will repair bathroom leaks first as these are the common culprits for the problem.

It’s best to leave bathroom renovations to professionals. Doing so means you not only take the stress away, but also ensure that your bathroom is style-and-function-ready.

Refreshing the Interior of Your Home

Refreshing the Interior of Your Home

Do you feel like your home is cluttered, messy, and just plain boring? After a few years of living in one, people tend to let go and forget about how their home’s interior looks.

Sometimes, this leads to people even feeling blue or scatter-minded. At this point, some people would think about moving out and finding a new place. However, you don’t have to go through such drastic measures. Most of the time, all a home needs is a bit of color and organization.

Re-Arrange the Furniture

Firstly, what you can do is rearrange the furniture. Over time, you must surely have gradually added a few pieces of furniture here and there and the arrangement could have slowly gotten out of hand without you realizing it.

A few suggestions is to group your furniture according to purpose as well as give enough space for people to move around them. Make full use of the space of your home and make it look orderly and neat.

Add Some Color

If your home seems too dull, perhaps it’s time to replace things like pillowcases, rugs, or curtains. Try matching colors or even follow a certain theme in to make your home look more colorful or ordered.

Just be careful not to get clashing colors, or it will be just as painful to look at as dull ones. The point is to make your home look refreshing and comfortable for you.

A Touch of Nature

Sometimes, what your home needs is a touch of nature to add to it. Get some indoor plants and place a few around the inside of your home. Perhaps you could also get some fresh flowers every few days or so and place them in a vase on the dining table or in the living room, suggests Eco Flower.

If taking care of it is too much of a hassle, consider getting silk flowers. It looks realistic and it still works to making your home become colorful. Getting them wholesale at different colors would also give you cheaper options to match and replace as you see fit.

Which Wall Art is Right for You?

wall artThe trend of white walls is taking over stylish homes. This is not difficult to understand, because white makes any space look clean and perfect for living areas. But who says it should be blank and completely white? Stand out from white washing of homes and transform your wall with your creative energy and interesting visual punches.

The Classy

Nothing says elegance more than a framed piece of art adorning your wall. Art enthusiasts and curators from ECanvas Prints believe a good piece of art need not be the type found in museums, but anything that allows the eyes to feast on all the world has to offer. Find something that draws you in, get a classy frame, and put it up a special place in your home.

The Bookish

The literary types tend to stick to beautiful shelves housing their most loved possessions. Break the tradition of libraries and accent your built-in shelves with albums and other creative media facing forward for a colourful, graphic look. Simple murals of lettering and typography will also transform a reading nook into a creative space for thinking, writing, and conversations.

The Vintage

Lining up record sleeves in a grid on blank white walls can transform the vibe of a room from bland to wonderland. Take out all dusting vintage collectibles, like grandma’s embroidered hoops or those black and white mod graphic tiles, and hang them up for the right amount of charm and character. You can also pile up old suitcases and display your typewriter to enforce the vintage feel more.

The Eccentric 

You also have the option to go all out and experiment on design and colour palette. Go for geometric lines in one room and build eccentric patterns to carry eyes across the entire wall. A collage of trays, platters and plates add so much colour and dimension to an otherwise flat space. Tree branches painted in vibrant colours or muted pastels can also make a room unique and creative.

Walls should never be bland and flat. Keep the room alive with elements and designs that communicate your style, personality, and character. Design should not be expensive. Go on a scavenger hunt around your home or visit thrift shops. You might be surprised at all the gems hiding behind your dusty closet doors and in strange little shops tucked around your city.

The Most Exciting Place in the World: The Land Down Under

The Most Exciting Place in the World: The Land Down Under

Many people have the extreme urge to visit Australia, more popularly known as the ‘Land Down Under’, but think that travelling there is absurd because it is literally on the other side of the world. Some people could not endure the long flight or the budget for it.

Travel experts tell them, however, that the trip is well worth it, and there are tons of different reasons people should try in their lifetime to take a vacation on this country, especially in Queensland. After all, you may regret not witnessing the golden sunset along Surfers Paradise and the Gold Coast!

Here are some things that you can see at the Gold Coast, from Chevron Renaissance:

The Land Itself is an Attraction

Australians are born adventurers and you will have a blast on experiencing such an exciting visit. Landscapes are stunning and the sights are definitely like no other. Daytime is quite interesting with tons of landmarks and natural wonders to explore and not to mention, the nightlife will bring you lasting euphoria.


Why would you not come see if it has such fascinating native animals that are exceptionally adorable and abundant. Koalas, kangaroos, wombats, these lovely creatures are living such happy lives in harmony with the Australian people – quite a fascinating take on the wildlife, right?

The People Are the Best You Will Ever Meet

Imagine parties and barbecues on the beach – do you think you can resist that? You need only try to shove that out of your mind. The festival season will make your trip unforgettable, too, with great weather, great food, fantastic music, and in Queensland, the best shopping mall at the Gold Coast (probably even the entire country) to haul souvenirs and items from.

The laid-back culture that makes you forget all the complications of life, all of this and several things you could get once you visit Australia. It will offer you a wide array of interactive entertainment. The world-class developments, charming destinations, events, facilities and unique shopping experiences, will prove that the place truly captures the vibe and excitement that only a unique location can offer.

Oriental Explorations: Experience the Best of These Three Chinese Dishes

Oriental Explorations: Experience the Best of These Three Chinese Dishes

There are moments when you just want to break the monotony of your daily meals and feast on something that you have yet to try. If you want to explore your palate and try new flavours, Chinese food is a good start. Each dish provides a distinct Oriental flavour that will satisfy your cravings and give you a glimpse into Asian dining.

You can only say that you have been to the best Chinese restaurant if you have tasted the following dishes:

Assorted Dumplings

The culinary staff of says that your trip to a Chinese restaurant will not be complete without feasting on assorted dumplings. These come in different varieties to satisfy your palate – meat, seafood and vegetables. Assorted dumplings taste the best with blended sauce. You can eat dumplings as appetizers or as a side for noodles and fried rice.

Peking Duck With an Oriental Flavour

Another dish that you should not miss when visiting a Chinese restaurant is the Peking duck. Fried chicken and other poultry dishes are easily available in other restaurants, but the Peking duck is something that you can only taste when going for Chinese dishes. The duck meat itself has a unique and succulent flavour that other poultry meat does not have.

Deep Fried Ice Cream and Fruit Desserts

Complete your Asian food trip with deep fried ice cream and fruit desserts such as almond lychee. Although ice cream did not originate from China, Chinese restaurants have come up with a unique way to prepare this frozen treat to complement Oriental flavours.

You do not have to book a trip to China just to have a taste of your favourite Oriental dishes. Chinese restaurants offer endless food choices that will give you a new taste of Asia. Every visit will make you want to come back for more of these delectable meals.

Is Your Teen Abusing Prescription Drugs? Top 4 Signs to Watch Out For

Is Your Teen Abusing Prescription Drugs? Top 4 Signs to Watch Out For

The teenage years can be both exciting and daunting, as this is a period of constant changes. It’s a time of intense growth, where kids learn to explore, be independent, and try new things. From physical and social growth to mental change, most teens experience arguments, defiance, rebellion and lack of communication.

As a parent, like it or not, you can’t stop your kids from growing. That, however, does not mean that you should let them stand on their own. Without your guide and your attention, your teen may choose the wrong road in life without noticing it. This is where substance abuse (prescription drugs or illicit drugs) comes in.

If you notice any big changes in you teen, it might mean something serious. Read on to know the signs you should watch out for and the best way to deal with it.

Poor Hygiene

Does your teen recently looks like a mess and does not care about appearance? Poor hygiene, burns on fingers, and unusual marks on arms and legs are obvious signs of drug abuse. To confirm this, approach your child with calmness and respect. Most teens don’t like arguments and would just run for the hills, so discuss things over dinner.

Missing Money from Your Wallet

This is another telltale sign your teen is abusing prescription drugs. Buying drugs cost a lot of money and they would resort to using your credit card or stealing money from your wallet.

Use of Strong Scents

Most teens use perfumes to cover up the smell of smoke and other unusual odor on clothes and on breath, while others use mints and mouthwash. Before you confront your teen, figure out what triggered him to do it. After that, you can determine what course of action to take. shares that prescription drug abuse is fixable with the full support of the family.

Change of Friends

Notice if your teen used to surround himself with witty or sporty people, but then changed his circle of friends to kids who are not so likeable. Sudden change of friends could indicate peer pressure and bad influence. Fortunately, a reliable rehab facility offers treatment that would let your teen surround himself with likeminded people.

Whether the drugs are legal or not, substance abuse is still alarming. The teen years should be a time of fun and great opportunity, not turmoil.

A Look into Australia’s Waste Management

Waste ManagementAustralia was recently named as one of the world’s largest producers of waste. Due to a largely consumerist culture and continuous growth of urban centres, the country and its citizens produce millions of tonnes of waste every year. Study estimates the waste generated to about 3 kilograms per person.

Solid waste and limited landfills, and liquid ways and polluted waterways are Australia’s biggest waste disposal issues. Alarming as these may sound, it’s at least great to hear how various states in Australia are driving their own campaigns to help ease the problem of waste.

Perth’s Solution of Bins

The standard of living in Perth is expensive, and it is striving to grow into a sustainable metropolis. With this noble effort is the sacrifice of producing more solid and liquid waste, which unfortunately, does more harm than good.

The only upside to this situation is the rise of local efforts to aid the problem of waste management. Perth households and businesses use skip bins to efficiently accommodate domestic and commercial rubbish.

The Recycling Scene in Canberra

On the other hand, Canberra takes it up a notch by committing to a recycling culture. They are proud of their recycling habits, which have earned them the name of Australia’s leading recyclers. About 75% of Canberra’s waste during the previous years was recovered according to the city’s audits.

They have running campaigns on bottle caps and lids, which they are striving to remove on all containers as it helps compress the waste more. Sorting machineries sometimes incorrectly read a container as being full with the cap on, preventing it from being recycled.

Sydney’s Waste Scrutiny

While most are not wary of what they dump in their bins, Sydney residents are being closely monitored. In fact, city councils engage sifting through general and recycling bins, which are then assorted, the result then churned into a report.

The auditing efforts have been running for decades now, and the results have been used to produce data to study the residents’ consuming and waste habits, in order to fine-tune recycling initiatives in certain areas.

These seemingly small and simple efforts, if adapted into the Australian lifestyle, could possibly lead to big changes and benefits – not only specific to the country, but to the entire planet’s struggle to grow back its healthy state.