3 Ways to Achieve an Old French Charm in Your Garden

Landscaped Formal GardenHaving a garden is like having a tiny piece of heaven in your home – it’s the best place to spend lazy afternoons in. The best kinds of gardens for idyllic moments like these are French gardens.

Between topiaries and the use of metal structures and earthy pots, here are a few reasons why French gardens should be your best bet.

Create floral set-ups

A French garden will be incomplete without proper fresh flowers that line paths and cover grills. Flowers connote a sense of spring, and beautifully arranged flowers enhance the charm of these outdoor spaces, especially when paired with French garden antiques, pots, and accessories.

Combine planted flowering plants with bouquets on vases, so you can bring nature’s charm inside your home.

Showcase antique French décor

Of all the accessories that you can include in your garden, the best one would probably be French garden furniture and antiques in the form of large and small pots. Colorful flowers and bouquets complement the rustic appeal of pots.

Have a mix of intricately designed pots and plain earthy ones, and make sure that the design matches the flowers you put in them. You can also include sculptures and pottery from your collection to put them to good use.

Enhance spaces with symmetry and geometry

Despite the laidback feel of French gardens, the style boasts two surprising elements that actually enhance the look. French gardens exude balance and symmetry by using lime trees planted in a straight path. Repetitive lines of trees and shrubs create a clean, defined space.

At the same time, you can soften geometric backdrops of French garden antiques, grids, and trellises using vines and flowering plants to retain the charm.

Incorporate these tips the next time you are planning for your French garden. The right use of accents paired with earthy pieces will give your French garden its distinctively quaint feel.