4 Ways to Stay Warm & Snuggly During the Cold Days

Construction worker thermally insulating houseThe dog days are almost over. Before you even know it, winter is officially starting. While the idea of playing in the snow sounds fun, you definitely don’t want to freeze in the cold, especially when you’re at home. Other than thinking of the fun times, you must ensure that your home is completely ready for the season.

Experts suggest this guide to proper and efficient home insulation in Kansas City.

Seal the Gaps to Stop Energy Loss

Be sure to seal any gaps or openings in your home. Starting from your doors and windows down to your walls, ensure that every corner is completely covered. Sealants, strips, and caulking materials are readily available in hardware and department stores, so you may simply buy and apply them yourself.

Fix the Insulation of Your Windows

Any crevices or cracks around the window frame must be insulated properly. It is easy to look for the weak points. You just have to run the palm of your hand over the edge of the structure and if you feel the air blowing through it, then it’s a sign that there’s a hole. Install a glazing putty over it, let it dry, and you’re all set.

Insulate the Walls, Floors, & Ceiling

To maintain the room temperature in your home, be sure to add insulation in your flooring, ceilings, and walls. This material will help maintain the coolness or warmth inside your property. Materials may vary, but most providers of home insulation services prefer using fiberglass, cellulose, and wool.

Use the Layer Technique in Your Curtain

Don’t let the heat out by using thick or layers of curtains over your windows. Experts suggest that you use draperies with thermal lining, as these could help trap the warm air and maintain the cozy temperature inside. When the sun shows up, be sure to open up and let natural light in.

Welcome the winter with a smile and never feel cold when you follow these tips. Cover up, insulate, and seal to enjoy warm and cozy days even during the cold days. In addition, don’t forget to check and inspect your heater to ensure that it’ll run properly once you need it.