5 Effective Measures to Boost Security at Your Workplace

Man in suit being probed with a handheld metal detector
Theft at the workplace can lead to hefty financial losses or a breach of sensitive company information. It can be orchestrated by employees or by intruders who gain unauthorized entry. Here are five tips to boost security at your office.

1. Employee Identity Badges

Identity badges are the cheapest measure to make sure you distinguish employees from intruders. Badges should be issued to staff and visitors, and they should be advised to display them at all times while in the building. It is important to distinguish employee and visitor badges through the use of different colors to make it easy to identify a visitor wandering around areas they are not authorized to enter. A proper employee identification badge should have the name and picture of the person to reduce chances of identities being stolen.

 2. Access Control System

An access control system is the most effective measure to restrict access to your office. This system makes use of passwords, access cards or fingerprint scans. There are also more advanced biometric systems such as retina scans, although these are not necessary for a regular office unless you deal with highly sensitive information. An access control system ensures that only authorized personnel can enter your office, reducing the chances of access by an intruder. It also records information such as who accessed the building and the time of access. Controlling office access can, therefore, deter a theft from occurring or provide crucial information should a burglary happen. In Atlanta, such systems are widely available and may be installed in very little time.

3. Employ Security Cameras

Studies have shown that CCTV cameras are effective in reducing criminal activities. Intruders are more likely to try and access a building without cameras than one with visible cameras. IP cameras are preferable to analog cameras because their feed can be viewed and recorded remotely reducing the chances of being erased. It is also best to install cameras with night vision capability to ensure recording even at night.

4. Discourage Working Alone at Night

An employee who works alone at night can access areas or documents they may or may not be allowed to access, giving them the opportunity to work with outsiders to plan a theft or to sell sensitive company information. An employee working alone may also attract intruders because it is easy to overpower a single person.

5. Lock Up Important Stuff

Valuable equipment should be locked up properly when not in use or after office hours. All computers should have unique passwords and documents should be kept in lockable cabinets.

In most cases, theft can be prevented. Try to seal off the loopholes in your office that are likely to be exploited. A regular security audit is invaluable.