5 Ways to Keep Your Lawn Grass Lush and Healthy

Hands holding scissors and cutting the grass in the gardenMany families spend beautiful sunny days playing catch or sitting in their gardens. Having well-maintained grass is important for those occasions.

Greenside Landscaping knows that there are many houses with beautiful lawns in Utah. Lawn fertilization is one of their secrets to having that perfect lawn.

There are other ways, however, to have healthy grass that doesn’t bald on one spot or turn brown on another. Here are five ways to maintain a happy, healthy lawn worth spending the day on.

Grow your grass tall before mowing

Grass adapts to different factors in the environment. One way they react is by growing deeper roots to match the height they are able to grow. Of course, you don’t want your garden looking like a jungle. Wait for your grass to grow to about ankle-high before mowing.

Nourish and feed your lawn regularly

Just like us, grass also needs food and water. So, you have to follow its feeding schedule strictly. You can achieve lush, green lawns through daily watering and a maximum of five feedings of fertilizer per year.

Water deep once a week

Besides turning on your sprinklers every day, you should also give your lawn a 1-inch water fix once a week, this will help their roots grow deeper, making them stronger and less prone to drying out, especially during the summer.

Keep light clippings on

After mowing your lawn, you can leave some of the grass clippings, as long as they don’t put down too much weight on your lawn. Healthy and well-fed grass clippings can provide additional nourishment as they decompose.

Healthy lawns are pet-proof

Training your pets to do their business in a designated area will help maintain the beauty of your grass. And besides, if you feed and nourish your lawns well, grass can easily recover from any mess a pet can make on top it.

A healthy lawn equals a healthy environment for you and your family. So make sure you keep these tips in mind.