A Primary Cause of Water Damage in Homes Across the Country

Smiling plumberA lot of people automatically associate water damage in homes to natural phenomena. Many of them think that the only way their homes can sustain this type of water damage is through weather-related disasters, including heavy rains, snow, and flooding.

While all these definitely can cause water damage, they aren’t the only culprits. Faulty plumbing components can cause just as major a problem, which is why you should never overlook its maintenance and prompt repairs.

Burst pipes: Flooding from the Inside

One of the biggest plumbing-related nightmares that you can ever experience is flooding right from inside of your home, due to a burst pipe. In many cases, this results from the severe change in temperature which causes the pipe to expand to the point of exploding and showering your home with water everywhere.

Whipple Service Champions says you can prevent this through investing in quality pipe insulation. Furthermore, since old or corroded pipes are also at higher risk of bursting, then replacing them before they do can significantly help reduce their chances of doing so.

Toilet and Sewage Backups: An Even Bigger Problem

Incorrect use of your plumbing system, as well as underestimating the power of routine maintenance, can result in clogged pipes and drainages. While you may not feel their effects instantly, these issues will grow bigger over time. The longer you allow the clogs to grow, the greater the risks of water backing up and out of the system, causing not just flooding but potential health hazards too.

Even though plumbing systems last for many years — even decades — this doesn’t automatically mean you should just forget about it or treat it without care. You definitely don’t want to experience the inconvenience or the dangers of plumbing problems. So as early as now, have those issues fixed.