Changing Living Arrangements After Divorce

Stack of coins spread outThe biggest change after a divorce is that you are living on one less paycheck every month. This may not be that big of a deal if you are earning a comfortable sum, but what if you have minors relying on your salary for their school and personal expenses?

Along with the divorce comes the division of property, and if you and your former partner has decided to sell the house and split its earnings, it is time for you to determine where the money should go.

Renting an Apartment

divorce lawyer here in Kent helps in the dissolution of marriage as well as the division of property. However, some couples decide that the house they used to share holds too many memories for either of them to live comfortably in it.

The decision to sell the house and split the proceedings is a fair one, but it will leave you having to look for an apartment in Kent.

Considering rent prices have increased significantly, if you have custody of the children and do not have a stable job, discuss with your ex-spouse the terms of child support and alimony before you sign a rent contract.

Applying for Mortgage

The money you get from selling the property can go into a deposit for a new house for you and your children. It is tough getting started as a single parent, but it will be easier if you are working on home ownership rather than renting indefinitely.

If you are worried about rejection, your parents could help by co-signing the mortgage.

Co-paying with Your Former Spouse

If you and your spouse have decided that you want to co-parent your children, it makes sense to have a house for the setup. You two may co-pay for the home, where the children will live, and both of you can alternate residence depending on your set arrangement.

When changing living arrangements with your children after divorce, keep in mind that they are still adjusting to their new life. Take it easy for the sake of all of you.