Choosing the Right Type of Loft Conversion

House RenovatingNo matter how big your house, you could get to a point where you need additional space. A loft conversion is a perfect way to add that extra space that can serve as a bathroom, home office or bedroom. You could even convert it into a living space if your home has a great view.

Pro Renovations Bromley Lofts outlines the main types of loft conversions.

Modular Extension Conversion

This type of conversion is applicable in places where the loft space is not easy to convert. An interior designer will take the measurements of the area on which you are to work. The new rooms to fit the space are made off the site and will come in as a module or kit.

Mansard Conversion

The primary goal of this type is to add extra volume. The process involves installing a flat rooftop and replacing roof slopes with sloping sides.

Dormer Conversion

This conversion is the most popular, as it is easy to increase roof space and add light to the area. The process involves altering the roof of the house to add a dormer.

Roof Light Conversion

This type involves adding windows to improve natural lighting in the loft space. That is a cost-effective option with less structural work to handle.

Gable-to-Gable Conversion

With this type of conversion, you can add a box extension that occupies the space between any gable end. You would need to adjust the height of the walls at the gable ends.

Before undertaking a loft conversion project for your property in Bromley, Kent, it is important to consider the design of your home. Typically, lofts do not have a lot of space to work with, so you should look for ways to maximise the available space. Involving a professional interior designer in your project will ensure that you will create that extra space in your home and have it in an elegant style.