CompTIA Program in Texas Offers Chance to Earn Security+ Certification

Business, technology, internet and networking concept. Young businessman working on his laptop in the office, select the icon security on the virtual display.Certification in the IT industry has become more necessary amid the growing complexity of cyber-attacks, which led the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) to participate in many training programs.

Some of these initiatives include a 12-week training course in Texas for up to 120 IT professionals. The program will provide participants with the opportunity to achieve CompTIA A+, Network+ and Security+ certifications.

In-Demand Workers

CompTIA collaborated with Mission (Texas) Economic Development Corporation (Mission EDC) for the initiative. It will help in solving a skills gap for qualified workers in the IT sector, especially since demand for certified professionals increases in all industries, according to Mission EDC CEO Alex Meade.

According to a CompTIA analysis, Texas employers have posted more than 137,000 job vacancies in 2017. During the third quarter alone, companies sought more than 43,600 people for different IT roles.

Mark Plunkett, CompTIA senior director for business development, said that employers prefer certified IT employees since they are more effective in communications, project management and teamwork.

Job Outlook

Another reason to develop your cyber security skills involves the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ (BLS) forecast for the job market in the next 10 years. BLS expects jobs in health care, computers and clean energy will be the fastest-growing jobs through 2026.

For aspiring IT professionals, applying for certification will not only improve their chances of finding a new job but also equip them with a competitive edge over their peers.

Aside from training programs, a CompTIA Security+ practice test you can get from firms such as CertBlaster allows you to gauge your knowledge of IT security prior to the actual examination.


The success rate of landing a job with IT certification may not be 100%, but it provides you with a technical advantage over those that simply rely on years of experience. How do you plan to become a certified IT professional?