Dealing with Peeling Paint

Peeling paint can be an eyesore as it’s quite hard to miss. The signs are very visible even to the untrained eye.

Fortunately, it is a problem that you can easily fix. Be warned, though: old homes may have lead-based paint. As it is a health hazard, it is best to stay away from doing DIY (do-it-yourself) repairs on them. Experts such as Shorian Painting recommend that it is always better to have the professionals do the job for you to ensure problems do not recur.

The Causes

To deal with peeling paint, it pays to know what causes it. The most common reason for it is excessive moisture. It is for this reason that you commonly see peeling paint in bathroom or kitchen walls and ceilings, as these two rooms always have the possibility of water leaks and often have high humidity.

Other than that, other causes include improper wall preparation before painting, and the combination of latex and oil paint.

The Cure

Always make sure to prep the workspace before attempting to fix paint peels. Use a wire rush or a scraper to remove any loose paint. Once you have done so, make certain to smooth out the surface by using putty to fill in any holes. It is important to establish a smooth surface so you should also use sandpaper afterwards.

Never try to simply paint over peeled paint. It would be just the same as covering up the problem; sooner or later, it will reappear. As with any regular paint job, always prime the area before applying the new paint. As moisture is the most common reason for peeling paint, make sure to allow ample time for the primer to dry before applying fresh paint.

Other than brightening up rooms with color, paint jobs need to have smooth finishes. Get rid of unsightly bubbling, cracking, and peeling paint today.

  • Amber P. Becker

    I tried to do a research about this years ago because my room keeps getting paint cracks. I read a tip about controlling the humidity level of your room to avoid this. It’s just too tedious for me!

  • Abigail M. Morrison

    How much effort on maintenance does this usually require? I plan to hire a professional but I’m not sure if I can afford it on a regular basis.

  • Neo In Oakleys

    I have been battling some paint peeling issues in my home also. I have been playing with different types of paint that could allow for more “movement” or stress in paints. I Haven’t found a good solution yet. To some extent cracks are going to happen, and I realize that, but I am hoping there is something that could keep from cracking.

    I agree moisture could be a big factor. Maybe I will try a dehumidifier.

    I might give these guys at Shorian Painting that are referenced in this article a call. Maybe they can give some ideas.

  • Pete Ferenczy

    I gave Mike a call @ Shorian painting, I had the same problems with cracking showing up, drove me crazy for the longest time but he fixed it and it’s still holding up. It helps when you have somebody that knows and it’s not just about a quick buck. Hope this helps