Handling Child Support Matters Contested by the Other Parent

Child Hugging FatherAll parents only want what’s best for their children. However, in the United States, the government transforms this “want” into more of a legal responsibility. This ensures that all parents meet and satisfy the best interests of their kids. As a parent, you both desire and have the obligation to provide for their children. This isn’t just in terms of emotional and moral support, but also in the financial sense. You and your spouse owe it to your kids to financially support them and provide for their basic needs, including housing, food, clothing, and education.

But what happens when you and your spouse decide to separate or dissolve the marriage? This is when and where child support matters arise.

Payment owed to children, and not the other parent

Many people have this notion that child support payments also go towards the other parent who has a greater level of custody of the children. This isn’t the case. Such payments are entirely for the children (payments made to the spouse of divorced couples are called “alimony”). But because many couples have had a messy divorce, their first reaction, when required to make child support payments, is anger, since they think they’re giving the other parent money.

Ensuring that each parent has a fair contribution

Although all parents do their best to look out for their kids, there are some situations wherein financial disagreements take place, especially during and after a divorce. It’s for this reason that you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a highly experienced Colorado Springs child support lawyer.

As much as you’d like to provide for your children with everything you have, it may be nearly impossible to do so on your own. So when your spouse contests the amount of child support payments he/she has to pay, or when he/she doesn’t pay at all, it’s time you seek the assistance of the courts, with of course the guidance and counseling of a legal professional.