Having Troubles with Your In-Laws After Divorce?

in-laws dining with familyIt’s a long-standing cliche that married couples and their in-laws do not get along. Though some couples in Boulder, CO may be lucky enough to be in the good graces of their in-laws, many have to deal with the silent looks of disappointment. Even after a divorce, you might not completely get away from your in-laws, especially when they want to spend time with your children.

Here’s how to deal with their presence in your children’s life:

Give Them Some Time

Your marriage fell apart, and you needed help from a family law attorney at The Burnham Law Firm, P.C. to finalize everything. Though the parents of both parties might not have been directly involved in the divorce process, they are the parent of the person you no longer call your spouse. It takes some adjustment for them, too, and of course, they might easily take the side of their child. Give them some time to adjust while you are adjusting yourself.

Show and Earn Respect

It doesn’t help your child to see that you and your former spouse, and their parents, are not getting along. You may have gone through a divorce, but your child needs everyone’s support during this time. You and your in-laws will have the child’s best interest as a common ground. Be the best parent you can be to your child, and show your in-laws some respect so that you can earn some from them, as well.

Get Help from Your Ex-Partner

No one would know how to deal with your in-laws better than their child–your ex-partner. If you’re not getting through to your in-laws, it might be time to talk to your former spouse about it. Talk to them about what is bothering you and ask for their advice on how to handle the matter. Ask for their help in keeping their parents in line, but be respectful in doing so. You do not want to start a war against an entire family you used to be part of.

You might not like the idea, but you will have to let your in-laws in your child’s life. Rather than feeling helpless, handle this with an open and respectful attitude.