Hi Vis Gear for Employees are a Must for a Safe Workplace

Dirty helmetsAt work, essential equipment and hazardous materials need to be carefully organised and stored some place where workers can easily see it. This way, employers and managers can help make the workplace safe for everyone. It will not only apply to material things but to people, as well. Supplying employees with appropriate high visibility (hi vis) gear ensures that people manning heavy equipment will be able to see them even in night conditions.

Work related Fatalities

According to Australian statistics, between 2003-2015 there were more than 3,000 work-related fatalities as a result of a worker’s own activity or someone else’s. Over the period, 65% of worker fatalities involved vehicles. Moreover, in 2015 alone, 47% of worker fatalities occurred in these industries: transport, postal and warehousing, as well as agriculture, forestry and fishing industry. A worker’s presence of mind, along with adequate hi vis work clothes, is essential to keeping the fatalities down.

The High Visibility Advantage

High Visibility Safety Apparel or HVSA are clothing specifically manufactured for workers to wear so they can be easily spotted as they go about their jobs. The materials used on bibs, vests, overalls, hard hats and shirts are reflective. Vehicle operators will only need to have them in their line of sight to keep any untoward incidents from occurring in the area. HVSA or hi vis clothes are very helpful in dark areas or where there is low light.

Employers should always think of what’s best for their employees and safety should be a top priority. High visibility safety apparel and gear are the safest solution for workers to avoid work-related injuries and fatalities. So, when choosing HSVA, certain characteristics should be considered by employers and manage, such as the fit, coverage, and brightness of the gear before supplying them to workers.