Measures That Will Optimize the Results of Your Dermal Filler Treatments

Woman having facialDifferent people have different cosmetic concerns, which significantly affect their self-esteem. While some concerns cannot be treated, there are others you need not live with. Wrinkles around your mouth and nose, lack of jawline and cheek contours, and lost lip and facial volume all have a solution.

The safe and efficient solution for all these cosmetic issues is a dermal filler at a Utah cosmetic clinic, such as Clarity Skin. There are various steps that will help you optimize the results of your filler treatment. Here are some tricks.

Avoid Blood Thinners and Alcohol

Alcohol and blood thinners should be avoided for some time before and after your dermal filler injection. Alcohol will dehydrate your skin and hinder the optimal result of your filler. Blood thinners impede blood clotting and increase the danger of excessive bruising and bleeding from your injection sites. Both alcohol and blood thinners will also increase your recovery period after your filler injection.

Keep Your Body Well-Hydrated

Drinking water will decrease swelling associated with dermal fillers. The swelling ranges from mild to moderate in different individuals, but it can prevent the results of your filler treatment from being discernible. The extra water your body stores from your consumption helps to keep your swelling to a minimum and hastens the effects of your treatment.

Avoid Heat around the Injection Area

Wait until your injection sites are fully healed before you expose them to heat treatments such as hot wax, saunas, tanning and sunbathing. The heat treatments will prolong your recovery time and negatively impact the outcome of your treatment since they hasten the breakdown of the filler.

The above measures will not only improve the outcome of your filler treatment but will also prolong its effects. Stick to your recommended injection schedule to keep your treatment area always looking good. The standard time frame between dermal filler injections is 6-9 months but can extend to a year with proper care.