Neglecting Home Repairs: Why You Shouldn’t

Furnace repairSome home repairs can be as small as a leaky faucet or as discreet as a water spot on the ceiling. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners commit is ignoring these warning signs. They think they can brush it off and attend to it later. Little do they know, it will cost them more in the future, both comfort and money-wise.
Do not be one of those homeowners. Instead, be proactive in taking care of the house and consider the following:

Obvious Need

Some problems may not inflict damage to your home if you postpone them, yet it can be important during certain times of the year. Replacing the furnace of your Utah home, for instance, should be a priority during the months heading into the winter season. Otherwise, your home will end up shivering during special holidays. Best to consult with an expert now than regret.

Certain maintenance tasks are also ideal to do based on the month. In September, look for cracks on walkways to prevent a slip or fall, which can happen when the ground is already covered in snow. Homeowners should also clean and repair sidings, since the summer period can cause dirt and mildew buildup.

Water Damage

A damp basement often causes mold and mildew, apart from the unpleasant odor. You will likely need a professional to install drain tiles surrounding the footings, especially if the problem has gone beyond a simple yard grading, installation of gutters, and downspout extensions. Homeowners will spend on all these scenarios, yet the worst case of placing drain tiles requires several thousand dollars.

Rainwater from storms can clog gutters and it can find its way into the basement. Gutter guards can help in avoiding these situations, although you should clean them at least once a year to prevent water accumulation. If you notice water spots on the ceiling, a broken pipe might be the to blame. A plumbing issue may also be the culprit in case you regularly see it.

Most home maintenance and repairs can be done without expert help. Professional assistance, however, may be necessary to avoid further damage that can cost a lot more money than hiring a pro.