Online Criminal Background Checks 101: What You Need to Know

People Doing Online Background CheckLook through job advertisements and you will notice that police checks are often required for some applications. Why? Employers need trustworthy employees. Conducting a criminal background check online is only one of the most reliable foolproof methods to ensure you find potential employees that are not a threat to your company’s reputation.

Areas where an employment police check is necessary

Criminal checks are a requirement, especially in sensitive job sectors that require a high sense of reliability, such as working with children, law enforcement, and health areas. A clear police record is critical in assuring the employer that the applicant is clean. Due to this reason, do not turn down a job offer just because a police check is a mandatory requirement. Making police checks a mandatory requirement for aspiring employees is proof of organisational professionalism.

So, what does an employment police check contain?

The details of a police check differ between territories and states, but a general rule that applies. A national police history check (NPHC) displays criminal convictions within the previous 10 years. If you were below 18 years of age at the time of conviction, your police check record is clear after five years.

Any conviction with a custodial sentence of more than 30 years is present in the police check record. If the last offence follows any of the above guidelines, the entire criminal history will show that.

What will not appear on your NPHC records?

The things that will not show up on your police check record include on-spot fines, not-guilty outcomes, police cautions, and infringement court orders. Criminal records for court use do not follow these rules; your entire criminal history is present in the criminal case file.

Many people assume that police stations are where you can only get criminal history checks. Usually, getting a police check at a police station takes longer and is a complicated process. You can apply for a criminal background check online instead and get accurate records in a matter of minutes.