Preparations to Face Possible Extreme Weather Conditions in Salt Lake City

raining outsideUnlike San Diego, Little Rock and Memphis, Salt Lake City’s weather does not tend to stay constant year-round. Fortunately, Salt Lake City is not often subject to extreme weather conditions like tornadoes, hurricanes and blizzards but occurrences have been recorded in the past. It is important to note, however, that climate change is real and may bring extreme weather to Salt Lake City more often than documented in the past. After all, the rest of the world is experiencing weather gone haywire due to the warming of the planet.

Don’t wait for an extra-ordinary weather occurrence to hit Salt Lake City before taking some safety measures to keep those in your home safe. Here are some preparations you can take to keep your loved ones safe during terrible weather.

Prepare for Tornadoes and Hurricanes

While Salt Lake City is not generally known to be hit by tornadoes, it has experienced a tornado as recent as August 11, 1999, so it’s a good idea to prepare for this occurrence since climate change has been making weather more and more unpredictable.

Get into the habit of clearing your property of possible deadly debris like broken fence posts, unattached rain gutters and dangerous tree limbs as soon as you spot them. Reinforce vulnerable areas in your home by using Price’s Guaranteed Doors‘ impact-resistant windows and installing storm doors to minimize damage from flying debris.

Prepare A Safe Room

Although most of Salt Lake City residents are no longer isolated, an extreme weather event may still paralyze city services, close roads and cut off supply making residents vulnerable. Manage this risk by preparing a well-stocked safe room. Aside from preparing necessary supplies like food and water for several days, include equipment for heat and communication as well. Snowstorms may paralyze the city’s utility services so an alternative power source to provide warmth can come in handy. Prepare independent communication equipment like a crank radio to be able to contact authorities even if cellular services are cut off.

Aside from a few hundred dollars, there’s not much to lose if you chose to prepare for extreme weather given the unpredictability brought about by climate change. Consider these safety measures so you and your family can stay safe if and when extremely bad weather hits.