Press Fit Fittings: An Introduction

Plumber fixing water tapTime is of the essence when it comes to fixing pipings. Therefore, it is important to have the not only the right skills but also the right tools for the job.

To make the flow of water and other liquid components faster and more secure, connecting pipes with the use of press fit fittings has been on the rise.

Get to know more about this small but very important tool.

What is press fit fitting?

Generally, press fit fittings – provided by firms such as – are the act of joining tube systems with the use of fittings. You mechanically press these materials with specific tools for them to come together.

This then leads to a mechanical joint between the tube and the fitting. Since its inception in the 1950s, the use of press fits fittings has continuously been on the rise due to its safety and efficiency.

Why should you learn to utilise them?

While the use of traditional solder and heat can help you get the job done, the entrance of press fit fittings in the plumbing industry is truly a game changer. First, press fits help get the job done faster and better. The faster you complete a job, the earlier the whole project can finish.

Secondly, the use of press fit fittings is also safer than the traditional method. Welding works pose risks not just to the welder, but also to the people around. With a simple press fit process, you can do the job minus the risks involved.

Lastly, unlike soldering, plumbers can have a peace of mind when using press fit fittings. The tool itself offers a three-point press variant that ensures proper and secure installation of the pipes and joints. This is a huge step away from the risks of having leaks due to improper soldering of the joints.

The evolution in the plumbing field has benefited a lot of plumbers and customers alike. Learn how to utilise them further and make your life easier and better.