Raleigh’s Cityscape: How the City of Oaks Maintains a Green Urban Façade

RaleighRaleigh derives its nickname from the number of Oak trees that grow in the area, lining the avenues and streets in the heart of the city. Despite Raleigh being a busy, modern city, it has always maintained a relatively green cityscape that is the envy of many urban centers across the country.

While commercial landscaping services in Raleigh have contributed greatly to the city’s façade, there are also a number of other factors that have helped the City of Oaks maintain the synergy between nature and progress.

A History of Planning

Raleigh can credit a lot of its good design to very early urban planning. In fact, Raleigh was one of the first examples of a planned city, with Raleigh having been developed specifically to serve as the state capital after the war of independence.

City planners took great pains to ensure that residents would enjoy the natural splendor of their surroundings while leaving space for urban growth. Early city planners mapped out the most efficient design and zoning arrangements while entrusting both public and private leaders to continually improve the cityscape. To this end, Raleigh focuses on beautiful architecture, wide open parks, and plenty of trees.

Securing the Future

Raleigh leaders ensured that their urban fabric will be as diverse as possible by allowing the public and private sector a relatively free hand in constructing anything that they felt would contribute to the city’s greater good.

However, city leaders also understood their responsibility in guiding the public and private sectors in following the spirit of Raleigh’s original plan. Current initiatives by the city government ensure that historic buildings are maintained and that green spaces are seamlessly integrated into the overall city structure.

Raleigh is one of those cities that have taken great measures to ensure that their cityscape is urban and progressive yet green and sustainable. And in this spirit of progress and conservation, commercial establishments in the city have maintained Raleigh’s positive image.