Simple Sacrifices We Can Make for the Environment

Hands holding a tree and earthThis March 24, many households the world over will go dark once more to take part in Earth Hour 2018. But why wait for that day when we can already do our part now? With just a little effort and sacrifice, we can already help save the environment. TerraSol Energies, Inc. tells us more.

Reduce your power consumption.

One of the easiest ways to lessen your energy consumption is to turn off electronic devices not in use. Better yet, unplug them or use a power strip to prevent the so-called phantom power draw. During the day, you should also draw the curtains or blinds to let the light in.

If you have money to spare, you can even take this cause a step further by investing in green power sources like the residential solar panels offered in Delaware.

Vary your mode of transport.

If you have a hybrid car, then good for you. Otherwise, try to avoid using your car, especially if you’ll be the only one riding in it, as much as possible. When going somewhere you can’t walk or ride your bike to, consider carpooling or taking mass public transportation such as the bus or subway.

This way, you’re not only getting regular exercise (by walking or biking) and saving on gas and parking fees, but also minimizing your carbon footprint.

Change your reading habits.

Shifting from reading on a piece of paper to an electronic device can go a long way in cutting down on paper usage.

Instead of reading the newspaper, get your news online. If you’re a book lover, try getting your fix from an e-reader. For bills sent through the mail, you can ask the utility companies or your bank to have them e-mailed to you. If you can’t go paperless, though, make sure you donate or recycle.

Let’s all act now! Every single day we do nothing is a day lost for Mother Earth—the only home we have.