Symptoms That Should Prompt You To Contact an Orthopedist

The human body consists of many different parts, with just the bones and joints alone being at more than 300. As such, having even just a single malfunctioning bone/joint can already mean serious discomfort, even severe pain. The good news is, you don’t have to suffer for the rest of your life when you sustain damage or injury to any of these bones and joints.

However, you do have to seek professional medical help. But when exactly does the expertise of a Torrance orthopedist comes into play? The bone and joint specialist Shaun E Chandran, MD advises that you should consider setting up an appointment with such a doctor if you experience any of the following symptoms:

Daily activities have become too painful or difficult to carry out.

Although common in elderly adults, discomfort and pain affecting the bones and joints should not get in the way of you performing your day to day tasks. If you’ve noticed difficulties or pain whenever you do these though, it’s time you see an orthopedist.

You experience long-term pain.

Any pain that lasts for more than 12 weeks falls under conditions characterized as chronic pain. So when you’ve had these highly unpleasant sensations for several months now, consider this as a sign that you need professional help.

Your movements continue to become more limited.

Feeling tightness in your joints is one thing, but when you experience this in a progressing manner, it’s highly possible that you already have arthritis, a condition resulting in joint inflammation. One or more joints in your body may have already developed this, which is common in the older adult generation. An orthopedic surgeon is one of the specialists who can assist in managing arthritis.

These aren’t the only signs telling you that you should visit an experienced orthopedist as soon as possible. However, they are the most common, so set up an appointment soon in case you exhibit any of these symptoms.