Taking hCG Shots: Working Towards Weight Loss

Woman holding her belly fatThere is no shortcut to weight loss. All those advertisements you keep hearing are only out there to sell their products. Whenever you find a trending new diet that claims to help you lose weight without the effort, it is better to be wary.

Not only are you wasting your time and money, but you could also be putting your own life on the line. Real weight loss techniques, however, are not shy about telling you that their method alone is not enough.

You may have heard about taking hCG shots in San Juan Capistrano in a fitness institution such as Premier Medical Weight Loss that led to great results. In reality, this technique helps you lose the weight faster.

What the Diet Limits

Taking hCG shots may require you to follow a strict diet afterwards. You might then ask, why take the shots then if you cannot just eat what you want? While hCG is a natural hormone that helps you lose some pounds without feeling weak or hungry all the time, you still need to be careful of your food intake.

Nutrition is still important in weight loss; otherwise, it can have negative effects on your body. As much as possible, the hCG diet that follows after every shot requires a source of protein, bread and a single fruit and vegetable.

The key is to keep your body still with the right nutrients even when you are trying to eat fewer calories.

The Process

The shots for hCG will be for 23 consecutive days while the diet that comes along with it may last for 26 days. It involves two phases, and the injections only start on the second stage. The first phase is for gorging on calories.

Phase 2 is where the weight loss actually begins as you may expect to lose a pound a day as the diet claims.

Talk to your physician to guide you through weight loss. It is always best to be on the safe side when trying new diets.