The DIY Gardener: Top Landscaping Secrets for Thriving Lawn

Garden Landscaping ServiceCan your lawn grass handle the heat? Are the plants safe from various kinds of pest animals and weeds? It makes sense to leave lawn care to experts, but it does not mean you can stand by and expect the plants to fend for themselves.

As a homeowner, here are a few things to consider when thinking about maintaining a healthy yard.

Plant native species

Choose native species of plants for better chances of survival with minimal upkeep. Start by exploring local options with a gardening expert or local arborist. Plants that are native to your area will have no trouble thriving when conditions are optimal.

Species that are not native may not be suited to the local climate and soil. You can boost curb appeal with less time and resources if you opt to raise plants that have local conditions embedded in their DNA.

Invest in the soil

Grass and other plants will not grow optimally without the right nutrients and the right pH level. If you want to be sure of the health of your plants, consider soil testing and determine whether the soil in the garden is acidic, alkaline, or of neutral pH. If the soil is not in the “happy zone” your plants might be in trouble.

Even if they are growing well outwardly, the plants will not reach their utmost potential. Even if you provide proper lawn fertilization in your Salt Lake City garden will tell you not to expect any return of investment.

Build a pathway through

Many lawns and gardens allow people to trample on the grass. How about taking the path less taken, and building a walkway instead? An attractive pathway cutting through the grass and the flowers sets your garden apart. Consider using a material for the pathway that is similar to the façade of your home.

Brick is always a good place to start

Your garden is an expression of yourself. You would want to put your best foot forward and do your best to keep a thriving garden.