Tips in Choosing In-Home Senior Care

Woman caring for elderly manIf you have senior parents, you probably have heard them say that they just want to stay home after retirement. Indeed, data from AARP shows that more than 90 percent of older adults express their preference to stay at home versus any healthcare facility as they live their senior years.

When you think about this data and your parents’ wish to stay at home, you should seriously consider in-home senior care. Or you can also consider facilities that offer senior home health care services in Woodmere.

But how do you know who to tap? Here are three important considerations.

Does the agency conduct background checks?

Your loved one’s primary caretaker will be with them majority of the day, with full access to your home and your belongings. With this in mind, you need to be sure the agency conducts full background checks for their care workers before deployment.

Majority of the states have this as a requirement. Before making any commitment, ask the agency how they screen their potential care workers? Do they conduct background checks? How certain are they of each care worker’s background? You should ask these questions to prevent any issue in the future.

What are the caregiver’s credentials?

Your loved one’s needs change as they age and naturally, they would need help in a variety of tasks that they have been doing independently in the past. Observe and check the potential areas where your loved one needs help. Does your parent need assistance in terms of nursing care?

Then the caregiver assigned to them should have necessary training, credentials, and experience to give nursing care. Perhaps your parent has a strict dietary restriction and finds it hard to prepare meals. Then the caregiver must have credentials in assisting in making meals.

Does the agency conduct quality assurance checks?

Agencies that conduct regular quality assurance checks have higher chances of delivering quality care. Give yourself peace of mind by getting the services of an agency with strong quality assurance.

The comfort and welfare of your senior parents should be a top priority. Make sure that they get the best in senior care by asking potential in-home senior care provider these three essential questions.