Ways to Engage Preschoolers and Keep Their Attention

Preschool children in classPreschool is the first doorway for children to learn how to socialize with people other than who they see inside their home. While gaining their trust is the most important thing, getting their attention is the hardest. The reason is simple – preschoolers have the shortest attention span. Either you get their full cooperation, or they get bored and look for another activity.

That is why preschool centers in Phoenix, where the value of early childhood learning is a priority, make sure to incorporate the following into their students’ daily routine:


The key to winning preschoolers’ attention is engagement. Upbeat activities like “Group Yourself Game” and “Simon Says” can keep them on their toes. Plus, these group activities help promote the value of observation, obedience and more importantly, camaraderie which can bring them closer to one another.


Singing familiar children songs or popular songs on the radio that contain the word of the day is another great activity to expand their knowledge. In this way, preschoolers can also get to express themselves while practicing public speaking.


The quietest part of the day is the best part to tell stories. After all the upbeat activities, listening to children stories brings them immediately back to the comfort of their bedroom. Better yet, introduce the kids to group discussions by using illustrated children storybooks or flashcards. This also helps the teachers in evaluating what’s inside the minds of the kids.

Learning curves

There are different styles of approach teachers can adapt when teaching preschools. More often, preschool centers use visual presentations and let the kids do some physical activities. Depending on the number of kids in one preschool class, there are different approaches teachers can adapt.

Handling a smaller group of preschoolers will give the teacher enough time to attend to each kid’s needs. But whether handling just four kids or 12, keeping them interested and engaged is certainly the best step forward to learning.