Website Design Tactics That Will Increase Your Conversion Rates

A website designerDesigning an SEO-friendly website is vital in this e-commerce era. SEO tactics are aimed at placing your page at the top of search engines to increase your visibility. This is a good practice but will not be of much use if the visitors to your site are not converted into buying customers.

Enlisting the services of an efficient web design company in Alexandria, MN should also be prioritized to increase your conversion rates. This is the only way to get a handsome ROI from your website. 

Here are some practical design tactics that will boost your website’s conversion rates.

Place All Essential Information above the Fold

Placing your core testimonials and benefits above your scroll line is the best design tactic to increase conversion rates. Your site’s call-to-action buttons should, therefore, be kept above the fold. This means they are visible and easily accessible at first glance

Display Your Prices Boldly

In traditional face-to-face and telemarketing, costs are saved for last. This, however, doesn’t work online. Displaying your price in the top half of your page makes your visitors feel like they have all the information they need to make a decision. You can consider displaying the original and discounted prices for maximum efficiency. Customers always hurry to decide on discounted offers.

Keep Your Design Simple

A minimalist design is the best at driving conversion. People get very easily distracted when online. Complex designs will divert your customer’s attention to other less important things on your site. Keep your visitors focuses on purchasing items. Using 2-3 complementary colors, bright CTA buttons and a lot of white space are some of the design tactics you can use.

Be consistent in your web design. People feel confident and trust your brand more when they identify elements which made them click on your web page. Changing your fonts, colors, and images across different platforms will only serve to reduce your potential clients’ confidence in you and significantly reduce conversion rates.