What to Do If You Are Ever in a Car Accident

Destroyed CarNo matter how careful a driver you are, whether you learned from practicing with your dad or under the supervision of an instructor, you cannot control everything that happens whenever you drive out of your garage. This is not meant to frighten you or make you paranoid; it’s meant to remind you that being careful is indeed good, but knowing what to do in case of an accident is as important.

If you are ever in a vehicular accident, here are some tips on what you should and should not do:

Calm down and stay in your seat.

Calm down first. Check yourself for wounds or injuries. Check on your passengers too, if you have any. Look around to see if it’s safe to get out of your vehicle. If it isn’t, stay seated and keep your seatbelt on. Flick on your hazard lights, kill the engine, and engage the safety handbrake. Call 911 on your mobile phone.

Do not fight with the other driver.

Even if you believe it’s their fault, picking a fight with the other driver may only lead to something worse. If you are not hurt and it’s safe to leave your car, go to the other car and ask the other driver if they’re OK. Call 911 immediately.

Put up warning signs.

Put up reflective triangles or flares to warn other drivers, if you are capable. For safety, don’t put the warning signs too close to your vehicle.

Make those calls.

First, call for police and medical assistance. Second, if you are not seriously injured, call your insurance provider and inform them about the accident. Third, call your family and assure them that you are fine. If not, the EMT or hospital staff will call them. If you are injured, you or your family should call your personal injury lawyer in South Jordan to inform them that you need their services.

Do not leave the scene.

Leaving the scene of the accident may work against you in court, unless you were injured and in need of immediate medical help. This is when you let someone take you (a good Samaritan or an ambulance) to the closest medical facility. Otherwise, make those calls, give your statement to the police, exchange insurance information with the other driver, and wait until they leave. Ask a family member or friend to pick you up. The police may also offer to give you a ride home.

An experience like this may be traumatic. Ask your lawyer if they can refer you to a doctor or psychologist who can help you recover from the stress and trauma. Remember these suggestions. There’s no point in making things worse by reacting the wrong way if you ever find yourself in a car accident.