Where and Why Direct Marketing Works

Digital Marketing ChartWith the recent rise of online marketing tools and tricks, do you wonder if direct marketing still works? The answer lies in your mailbox. Despite e-mails, Twitter and Facebook, there is still a lot of physical marketing material that reach customers via post. Why do brands still spend on these marketing techniques?

It still works. Why does it work?

First of all, unlike other options, direct mail is intrusive. They specify the intended recipient, and they arrive on time. Direct marketing demands to be seen at an individual level. And while it is easy to assume that people just toss the material to recycling, great direct marketing actually gets opened and read. This is why clever execution is crucial.

Direct marketing is also targeted, one thing expected of digital media. When working with companies like Singtel, it is easy to divide your demographic and target households you want to reach. For the record, it was not online marketing that pioneered wide-scale targeting; it was direct marketing. Marketers have slashed budgets for printed material and refocused budgets to the digital. This has created a lot of space for direct marketers to stand out. As a matter of fact, when people are provided information on such an analogue platform, it can have a refreshing effect.

When should you use it?

Smart planning is essential to every marketing success. In this regard, know when direct marketing can have the biggest impact on your business.

If you’re strapped for budget and want to reach a very specific market, you should give it a go. It’s also a great way to improve relationships with existing clients or even rekindle old business ties. What direct marketing offers that many others don’t is the degree of personalisation. This is remarkably easy to do now with the tools available to direct marketers. Of course, there is also measurability. If you want to calculate ROIs, do A/B tests and figure out if your current message is working, direct marketing provides robust data with which you can work.

While many techniques have entered the arena in recent years, direct marketing is a classic that just works. When planning out what you want to do with your marketing, take a long hard look at this method. It might hold potential that’s hard to pass up.