Why Opt for Tongue and Groove Moldings over Drywall Ceilings

Worker plastering drywall ceilingIn Canada, most homes feature drywall ceilings consisting of sheets, panels, or planks. It’s traditional for many residential properties, mainly because it’s easy to paint, provides a smooth surface, and is affordable. However, it also comes with some disadvantages.

It may be easy to paint or finish, but the installation part is quite challenging and requires more people. This is where pine tongue and groove moldings, also available in other quality wood materials, come into play.

Keeping things snug and perfect-fitting

There are advantages to these moldings that make them a better choice for your ceiling. The primary one is that it considerably reduces the risks of plank-related issues, such as warping and loosening due to expansion and contraction.

Because the joints ensure each panel fit together perfectly, the final product does not only look seamless but also smooth and balanced too. The tongue component also allows for the proper application of more glue, which helps in holding the pieces more securely together.

Furthermore, the way that each piece fits together helps prevent shifting, while also minimizing the potential for heat loss (or gains).

Completing the look of any room

Tongue and groove moldings aren’t just purely functional. They also offer you with a way to give your ceilings a complete and visually appealing look.

Much thanks to their availability in various styles and materials, such as knotty pine, you can create a unique statement that matches your personality and the current theme of your home’s interior design.

Easier to install than your average drywall ceiling

Another reason behind the popularity of tongue and groove ceilings is their ease of installation. Unlike drywall, which requires more than one person to install, you can carry out and complete the ceiling installation on your own.

So for your next home improvement or renovation project, consider updating or upgrading your ceilings with these beautiful, affordable, and easy-to-install moldings.